Chinese language

There are seven major groups of dialects of the Chinese language, which each have their own variations, according to Mount Holyoke College. Mandarin dialects are spoken by 71.5 percent of the population, followed by Wu (8.5 percent), Yue (also called Cantonese; 5 percent), Xiang (4.8 percent), Min (4.1 percent), Hakka (3.7 percent) and Gan (2.4 percent).

Qiang Village (3)

Qiang Village (3) Du Fu 羌村 (三) 群鸡正乱叫 客至鸡斗争 驱鸡上树木 始闻叩柴荆 父老四五人 问我久远行 手中各有携 倾榼浊复清 苦辞酒味薄 黍地无人耕 兵革既未息 儿童尽东征 请为父老歌 艰难愧深情 歌罢仰天叹 四座泪纵横 qiāng cūn (sān)