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Joe Wong‘s Talkshow

Joe Wong (Chinese: 黄西; pinyin: Huáng Xī), is a Chinese American comedian and chemical engineer.He was born to a Korean Chinese family in Baishan, Jilin, China. His family moved from Korea to China three generations ago. He graduated from Jilin University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, before he came to further study chemistry at Rice University in Texas in 1994. He moved to Boston in 2001 and began to perform his comedy.

Youth dream

《Youth Dream》——伦敦奥运献礼片”是由北京电影学院的学生组织发起拍摄的世界各国青年人为即将到来的奥运会的献礼。表现的是我们当代青年对梦想的执著追求,对伦敦奥运会的期待,对各国 参赛运动员的祝福。通过我们自己的方式表达对体育精神,奥运精神的感悟理解,并希望将08年北京奥运会“同1个世界,同1个梦想”的奥林匹克精神延续下去。同时响应伦敦奥运会:inspire a generation(激励1代人)的主旨,希望鼓励更多的年轻人参与到运动中去,热爱体育,快乐运动,享受在其中。激发他们创造自身价值的热情,追求自己的梦想,并永远地传递下去! 这就是我们从开始到现在的1些内心独白。

The Founding of a Republic建国大业

The Founding of a Republic(建国大业Jiànguó Dàyè ) is a 2009 Chinese historical film commissioned by China's film regulator and made by the state-owned China Film Group to mark the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. The film was directed by Huang Jianxin and China Film Group head Han Sanping.

Chinese film: The White Haired Girl

The White-Haired Girl (白毛女; Bái Máo Nǚ) is a Chinese opera, ballet, (later adapted to Beijing Opera and a film) by Yan Jinxuan to a Chinese libretto. The first opera performance was in 1945, with Wang Kun playing the lead role. The film was made in 1950. The first Beijing opera performance was in 1958. The first ballet performance was by Shanghai Dance Academy, Shanghai in 1965. It has also been performed by the noted soprano Guo Lanying.

The Marathon Runner’s Dream马拉松

Dorando Petri’s feats have contributed to making sport a modern epic with winners and losers, drama and small and large heroes. His legendary story is adventurous, having kept his ideals like a true sportsman. Born in a poor family in Carpi, Dorando Pietri has always loved running. His dream comes true when he is selected for the marathon at the Olympic Games in London, the 24th of July 1908. Whereas one by one the other athletes collapse, Dorando instead moves along in the race. A little less than a kilometre from the finish line he is alone in the lead. Exhausted by the race he is in a state of confusion and takes the wrong direction!多兰多•皮特里的的传奇故事充满了顽强进取的色彩,他拥有真正的运动员的理想。出生于意大利卡尔皮一个贫困家庭的多兰多从小就酷爱跑步。在1908年7月24日的伦敦奥运会马拉松比赛上,他实现了成为奥运选手的梦想。当其他选手一个接一个地倒下,多兰多却一直在坚持。在离终点不到一公里的时候,已经只有他一人独自领先了。他筋疲力尽,意识模糊之中竟然朝着相反的方向跑去。等待他的会是怎样的一个结局?

A Moment of Love 回到爱开始的地方

为爱出发 导演:林孝谦 编剧::罗诗 吕安弦 主演:周渝民 刘诗诗 周一围 类型:爱情/剧情 语言:中文 上映日期: 2013年8月23日 故事梗概 纪雅清(刘诗诗饰)去云南普洱完成追寻一名台湾老人初恋的专题,碰到了老人的孙子许念祖(周渝民饰)。两人携手踏上旅程,最终学会了勇敢面对自己的感情。 "A Moment of Love" Directed by: Gavin Lin Written by: Luo Shi, Lv Lungshi Starring: Vic Chou, Liu Shishi, Zhou Yiwei Genre: Romance/Drama Language: Mandarin Release Date (Chinese mainland): August 23, 2013 In the film, Liu Shishi plays Yaqing, a young woman getting married to her fiance in Beijing, who falls in love with another man (Vic Chou) whom she meets during a business trip to picturesque Yunnan.